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Upcoming Triathlon Camps

Looking for an opportunity to improve your fitness? Do you want to receive personalized coaching during every swim, bike, and run? Are you longing to meet great triathletes from around the nation? Ever wanted to live like a pro for a week? This is your opportunity! Join the Branden Scheel Racing staff at camp and find new limits! You will leave better than you arrived. 


Boulder CO

July 17-21 2024

This camp is aimed at growing your aerobic capacity on the bike, while working on improving your efficiency on the swim and run. We will be doing a good volume of cycling, so please come to camp prepared to ride a lot! We will document some key improvements you can make to enhance your abilities. This will be a great mid-late season camp for those who need a little change of scenery and a boost to your motivation heading into the last races of the year! 

3 spots remaining

Tucson, AZ 

March 14-18 2024 

Our tri camp is the perfect getaway from the cold winter months and a great way to start your season off right! (or kick your butt into shape)

We will spend a lot of time riding around the city of Tucson. We will do a good amount of climbing Be prepared for a week of sunshine and workouts. 

Opening Soon! 

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