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What The Athletes Have To Say

If you are looking for a triathlon coach, look no further. You have found the one. Branden Scheel was helping me train for my Ironman. Despite racing a few full distances in the past, Branden has helped me train and race at a level I didn’t think was possible. With his help and overwhelming knowledge of the sport, I completed my most recent full Ironman with a personal best! He has helped me overcome injuries and moments of uncertainty with his wisdom and expertise. I am already looking forward to the upcoming season racing with Branden Scheel Racing and all the other amazing athletes this team attracts! 

I started coaching with Branden in 2018. In the past 4 years, I have grown as an athlete and gained so much value through his expertise and knowledge. Not only does his plan hold me accountable and challenge me daily, he is also great with feedback and advice. Branden’s coaching style is personalized to best benefit ME, he does not use a one size fits all method. He makes himself available to answer all my silly questions. Anywhere from bike tire emergencies to calming down your race day nerves … Branden is there for you! Having no previous sports knowledge, Branden worked with me and never made me feel self conscious for my lack of knowledge. He’s great with ALL athlete levels and his years and knowledge in sports bring great value.

Branden is the best coach! His guidance, support, and encouragement, helped me make my goal of completing a 70.3 IM completely prepared. His efforts helped me believe that I could make the goals we had set out. I just wanted him to know he made a huge difference. Thanks Coach Branden Scheel! PS: The support from Alexa Scheel was also amazing and adding her as a friend and fellow team mate was such an incredible bonus!!!!

Joining Branden Scheel Racing was one of the best decisions I ever made. The opportunity to work with Coach Branden has been amazing. I have learned the mechanics of my bike, the proper way to transition, how to fuel properly, and my purpose in triathlon. In addition, working with Branden I feel more confident in racing and most importantly my “WHY”. If you are looking for the right coach to get you started on your triathlon journey you’re in the right place. AND if want to learn, grow, get faster but have fun at the same time Branden Scheel Racing is the team to be on.
I started training for triathlon in 2018 and have done two Ironman 70.3 and one 140.6 Ironman race. Among the coaches who have helped me in the past few years,
Branden stood out as a very capable, genuine, and well-rounded athlete coach.

As an athlete, Branden demonstrated strong performance in many races including the one we both participated in.

As a coach, Branden welcomes his athletes of all ages, different backgrounds and fitness levels. He is responsive to his athletes and quick to find ways to help them balance work/life/trainings to achieve their goals.

If you are looking for a team that is fun, hardworking, supportive of each other, and always look at the bright side, this will be a great place for you.
Branden has been coaching me for over a year now and it has been amazing. I have my training plan spelled out weekly for me. I have the ability to call, text or message anytime. If something isn’t working then we change it up. Branden has pushed me to be the best athlete I can be. As an athlete, knowing that I don’t have to worry about my training plan, I can focus on what I can control. I am pushed outside of my comfort zone and because of that I have become stronger mentally and physically. Branden listens, processes and makes a program that pushes me, works with my schedule and is flexible if needed.


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