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5 Gear Recommendations For Triathletes (Part 1)

We will be writing a bi-weekly blog recommending gear for triathletes of all levels. Subscribe to get notified when these are posted so you don't miss one!

Our 2023 Gear recommendations! Part 1

Rudy Helmets

- Trusted by many of the top professionals in the world, Rudy makes fast helmets that keep your head well ventilated! A great investment in not only your speed, but your safety as well. Helmets are only good for a few years, so make sure to swap yours out before it gets too old! For those that want a great all around helmet that will also allow for some aerodynamic advantage on race day, look at they Nytron helmet. For those athletes that want the fastest helmet out there, The Wing helmet is extremely

aerodynamic and super light so you can stay comfortable in the aero bars.

Sailfish Wetsuits

- Sailfish makes top of the line wetsuits for all types of swimmers. Their Ultimate provides fantastic buoyancy for those who are not as natural in the water, while keeping the arms free and unrestricted. Their G-Range suit is made specifically for those with a swimming background. This wetsuit will not alter their body position as they will already swim with great body position. They also have sleeveless wetsuits, swim skins, and more!


- The last saddle you will ever need. Buy a Bisaddle and be comfortable forever. These saddles are completely adjustable. You can adjust the front independently from the rear of the saddle, and the right side independently from the left, along with the standard saddle adjustments of fore, aft, and tilt. This saddle allows for complete customization of your saddle to make it yours. Bisaddle also offers different surface shapes to choose from. you can find a short nose, standard, with or without a cutout.

Air relax recovery boots

- Looking for boots but don't want to drop a crazy amount of money? Air relax boots are an AWESOME choice. Their price point is much more reasonable than the other name brands, and their boots are actually medical grade, and almost twice the compression of their competitors! We use these boots daily, and they leave your legs feeling recharged and ready to go for your next workout.

First Endurance Nutrition

- A large majority of athletes struggle to find nutrition that checks all of the boxes needed to preform well, and sit well in the gut. First Endurance takes a science-based approach and offers a top quality product that satisfies the athlete's needs and sits easy on the gut. Their Liquid Shot gels provide the perfect blend of vitamins and nutrients that the endurance athletes need while competing or working out for long periods of time. These Liquid Shots pair well with their electrolyte drink mix EFS. EFS is an Isotonic formula that allows you to get the most out of your body on the hard days.

Tririg Elbow Scoops

- The open or closed back elbow scoops from Tririg allow you to relax in the aero position and give all of that energy to your legs. They are comfortable with a great padding in them, and very easy to install. These scoops fit on almost all triathlon bikes from all manufacturers. The scoops are made to support your entire forearm and allow you to truly settle in to your aero position.

Triathlon Coach - Branden Scheel Racing!

-Branden Scheel Racing is definitely our recommedation for those looking for a triathlon coach :) if you need a triathlon coach or team shoot us a message! We have spots open all year round for those looking to be a part of our awesome team!

Comment below what other types of gear you want to see in our next list!

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